• Capital raising

    Capital raising

    Raising capital against your home

    Ok so you want to raise some capital [money] by releasing some of the money stored in your home as equity.

    If anything about that opening statement has confused you then you probably shouldn’t be raising capital against your home!
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  • Debt consolidation

    debt consolidation

    Drowning in debt?

    First of all; what is debt consolidation and why do people do it?

    To consolidate means; to bring together or to group

    So the idea of debt consolidation is to gather all your individual pieces of debt e.g. overdrafts, credit cards, car finance, hire purchase, catalogue accounts, etc. and replace them all with one loan.
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  • Have you considered ASU?

    Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (or redundancy) insurance pays your mortgage or rent and other bills when you are unable to for one of those 3 reasons.

    This type of insurance could cost less than you might think, but regardless of the premium, the real cost is not having it when you need it.
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