• Wants and needs

    What people want and what they need aren’t always the same. In fact they’re often quite different.

    Most of the things you buy are probably because you need them; food, fuel (for the car or heating the home), electricity, clothing, shelter, etc.

    They’re generally quite dull things, unless you have a penchant for clothes (especially shoes!) as does my significant other, or if you love baking, again like my significant other!
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  • Protection, protection, protection!

    Last week on our Facebook page, we ran a link to an article about the risks of burglary and how to take simple precautions to protect your home. Here is the article again

    However, this reminds us that, in addition to being sensible about our security and behaviour, we also need to make sure that we have the right sort of insurance protection in place. Amazingly, some people simply don’t have any contents cover (and consequently no personal liability protection against third party claims, such as causing an accident by jay walking) but many more may never have considered exclusions and limits and the suitability of their policy for their needs.
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