• Wants and needs

    What people want and what they need aren’t always the same. In fact they’re often quite different.

    Most of the things you buy are probably because you need them; food, fuel (for the car or heating the home), electricity, clothing, shelter, etc.

    They’re generally quite dull things, unless you have a penchant for clothes (especially shoes!) as does my significant other, or if you love baking, again like my significant other!
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  • SMEs & Sheds

    Whilst listening to the radio today, I heard the DJ read out an email from a guy who said he was self-employed and for that reason, couldn’t afford to miss out on a day’s work and so was busy working in his home garden shed office, whilst unfortunately having to listen to families all around having a thoroughly good time.

    So, yes, he has to work on holidays and probably has no fixed pattern of working and most likely does a lot more hours in the average week than someone who has a salaried position and contracted working hours. Of course, I don’t know what type of business he’s in, so I can’t be sure about this, but I wouldn’t mind betting he won’t have to be up with the lark tomorrow morning and slogging along a  motorway or trying to get a seat on a train on his way to an office.
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  • The Risk Factor



    Why do you buy insurance? Is your primary reason the fact that it’s the “done thing” or do you do it for peace of mind? Is your main motivation inspired by a statutory or contractual legal requirement or are you seeking to protect your assets?

    In theory, we all buy insurance to safeguard ourselves against loss of our own property, lifestyle or the risk of a claim being made against us by someone else but some will only buy if compelled to do so. Others won’t have thought through the choices involved in personal protection and will just buy what they’ve always bought or someone once told them to buy.
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  • Getting to know you

    If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve obviously found our website and had a chance to see the extensive range of information you can get from it. We have a news feed, the opportunity to obtain quotes for mortgages and insurance and also a selection of handy guides to help you find your way through both those fields and understand what is involved. You can also see our regularly – updated “Mortgage Best Buy” guide. Help is available with buying or letting property and we’ve got a range of other services which we will be offering soon.

    You may not know that we can be found on Facebook and Twitter where we aim to keep you updated with the latest stories and talking points from the financial sectors we serve as well as news and interesting stories from the property sector which will be of interest to home owners and property investors generally. We also have some fun by posting and retweeting other things, particularly music videos and getting down to conversation with other users.
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  • Honesty is the best policy


    I’m constantly surprised at the number of otherwise scrupulously honest people I overhear suggesting to their friends or colleagues that they should distort the truth (to put it charitably) in order to get cheaper insurance cover.

    It seems a lot of people think it is ok to tell insurers that the main user of a car is someone older than the owner, or is female if that would suggest a lower cost.  Or perhaps to say the car is kept at a different address or that a house is never used for any business purposes.  Of course, European law may mean ladies will be soon be charged the same as men but the principle of distortion of the truth remains the same. Many years ago, it was routine for parents to insure an extra, often older, car with their teenage son or daughter as a named driver, thus avoiding hundreds and perhaps thousands of pounds in premiums. That was always a “dodgy” tactic but decades ago, trying to take advantage of insurers was not prosecuted, albeit you didn’t get a full payout if you were caught.
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