• Buying a property with no (little) money

    house of moneyBefore we get to the real meat of this article here’s a little brain-teaser that I used to pose to people at property investment seminars:

    Q: If you buy a property without investing any money into it and then sell it for a profit, what is your return on investment?

    Hint: The amount of profit is irrelevant

    I’ll put the answer at the end of this post.
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  • 18 month bridging loan product launched

    Typically bridging loans have a maximum lifespan of 12 months; the longer-term option, which has no penalties for early redemption, appears as a direct result of customer feedback claims the firm behind it.

    Running beyond the agreed term or obtaining an extension to an existing bridging loan can both be quite expensive.

    The product is primarily aimed at developers who may be avoiding larger refurbishment projects through fear of over-running the traditional 12 month limit.
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