• When is paying less actually paying more?

    Dream First Home

    The title may sound impossible, but as we often find, it can be all too true.

    When searching for a mortgage deal there are many variables to consider. During the course of what us brokers call ‘fact-finding’ we ask questions to narrow down the thousands of possibilities. The more information we gather, the more accurate the results and the more likely our customers are to be accepted first time with their chosen lender.

    To coin a phrase; it’s like painting pictures with words.
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  • The first rung is the hardest

    The news has naturally focused on major events of late, what with the Royal Wedding and the US catching up with Bin Laden at last but of course none of this makes a great deal of difference to the day to day lives of most of us.

    If you’re someone who has yet to take that first step onto the lowest rung of the property ladder, you’re probably wondering how you can ever go about it. If you’ve been brought up in circumstances which made you believe that property ownership is the norm, it’s likely to make your view of the prospects even worse. Much will depend on your preferred lifestyle and how important home ownership really is for you on the achievement scale.

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