• The customer is always right

    There are countless cliches and adages regarding how businesses should treat their customers; “Look after your customers because if you don’t someone else will” and “A good relationship can take years to build but seconds to destroy” are a couple that spring to mind.

    In any competitive industry (which most are) despite our best endeavours we will lose customers from time to time. And that’s using our best endeavours. So what might happen to your business should you not use your best endeavours?
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  • 85% Loan-to-value, Buy-to-let is back!

    For anyone that has been involved in Buy-to-Let in the past or looking to get into it, this is big news.
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  • Email marketing: Receive to receive


    One of many advantages email marketing has over other forms of advertising is that it is so insightful.

    You can get accurate results on how many people your email marketing campaign has been delivered to, how many of them opened the email, how many clicked on a link in the email, and so on…

    You can also find out how many people have unsubscribed from your mailing list, furthermore you can find out exactly who has chosen to unsubscribe. Why is this important?
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  • Good business


    This post may seem like a break from the ‘norm’, which is intentional, it’s good to remember that it’s real people behind our (and any other) business.

    Our business makes money by selling to consumers, as opposed to being a business that sells to other businesses (if you ever wondered what B2C or B2B means, now you know!) but that’s not to say we have nothing to offer other businesses.
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