Protection, protection, protection!

Last week on our Facebook page, we ran a link to an article about the risks of burglary and how to take simple precautions to protect your home. Here is the article again

However, this reminds us that, in addition to being sensible about our security and behaviour, we also need to make sure that we have the right sort of insurance protection in place. Amazingly, some people simply don’t have any contents cover (and consequently no personal liability protection against third party claims, such as causing an accident by jay walking) but many more may never have considered exclusions and limits and the suitability of their policy for their needs.

Most people can decide whether they need to cover any expensive jewellery against accidental loss or damage away from the home and whether their pedal cycles should be similarly covered but do you know what cover applies to jewellery within the home or pedal cycles kept in outbuildings?

Similarly, although many policies now provide a substantial standard sum insured for contents, perhaps at a choice of two levels, have you considered whether this is adequate? Remember, this is calculated on a replacement as new basis, so the cost of complete new carpeting and curtains for a reasonably- sized house may in fact be quite substantial, eating up a considerable percentage of your limit. Do you have any collections? – even if it’s just books, CDs and DVDs, none of which are rare or exceptional, the cost of replacement will be quite high. (If your DVDs only cost £5 each to replace, a few hundred might be several thousand pounds’ worth).  It’s amazing how quickly a sum insured of £50000 might be eaten up.

Do you know the risks you’re protected from?  Do you want / need cover for accidental damage to your house and / or it’s contents?

The point of all this isn’t to frighten you but to make you really think about your cover and making sure you’re getting the best value from what you buy. We’re always here to help.

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