Have you considered ASU?

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (or redundancy) insurance pays your mortgage or rent and other bills when you are unable to for one of those 3 reasons.

This type of insurance could cost less than you might think, but regardless of the premium, the real cost is not having it when you need it.

Some sobering facts…

• 1,567 people are made redundant daily
• Every 14 minutes a property is repossessed
• £200 a day average house price drop in September 2010 (the relevance being negative equity could make selling or remortgaging impossible if ASU occurs)
• The number of people struggling to pay their mortgage has jumped by 78%
• 3 million mortgage holders across the country are struggling to pay their mortgage payments each month, the equivalent to 1 in 6
• There were 64,500 mortgages in 12 months or more of arrears at the end of Q2 2010 compared to 18,000 mortgages in Q2 2008

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