Cheaper than worrying

When you decide to buy a property, one of the first things you’ll be asked for is the name of your solicitor. This of course is the point at which you start to realise that you are about to incur expense which may not be recoverable if anything should go wrong. The way the law works now means that either of the parties to the agreement to buy and sell can pull out at any point prior to the actual exchange of contracts, potentially leaving the other person involved with wasted expenses which could amount to a significant sum.

At MM Mortgages, we try to put forward as complete a service as possible for our clients and we can offer the opportunity to use solicitors from a nationwide panel of firms who provide conveyancing services. That selection alone can often provide clients with worthwhile savings. In addition, however, if you decide to buy a property using the legal services of a member of our special panel,  you will be offered the opportunity to protect yourself against legal costs charged upfront (fees, disbursements, searches, lenders valuation fee etc.) simply by making a payment of £49 (inclusive of VAT). If the sale falls through and you are not at fault then you will be reimbursed for the costs you have incurred.

This is not actually an insurance policy but works in much the same way. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply, so please speak to us to find out more. There are many uncertainties in the property-buying process, now there can be one less. It makes sense to us and that’s why we are pleased to be able to offer this facility to our clients.

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