• SMEs & Sheds

    Whilst listening to the radio today, I heard the DJ read out an email from a guy who said he was self-employed and for that reason, couldn’t afford to miss out on a day’s work and so was busy working in his home garden shed office, whilst unfortunately having to listen to families all around having a thoroughly good time.

    So, yes, he has to work on holidays and probably has no fixed pattern of working and most likely does a lot more hours in the average week than someone who has a salaried position and contracted working hours. Of course, I don’t know what type of business he’s in, so I can’t be sure about this, but I wouldn’t mind betting he won’t have to be up with the lark tomorrow morning and slogging along a  motorway or trying to get a seat on a train on his way to an office.
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  • Have you considered ASU?

    Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (or redundancy) insurance pays your mortgage or rent and other bills when you are unable to for one of those 3 reasons.

    This type of insurance could cost less than you might think, but regardless of the premium, the real cost is not having it when you need it.
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