• Wants and needs

    What people want and what they need aren’t always the same. In fact they’re often quite different.

    Most of the things you buy are probably because you need them; food, fuel (for the car or heating the home), electricity, clothing, shelter, etc.

    They’re generally quite dull things, unless you have a penchant for clothes (especially shoes!) as does my significant other, or if you love baking, again like my significant other!
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  • US debt limit deal done at 11th hour

    Uncle Sam is broke...

    Uncle Sam is broke...

    With the clock ticking down before the world’s richest country effectively went bankrupt, US politicians have at last agreed on a deal to raise the country’s debt limit.

    After months of fighting, Republican and Democratic leaders have come to an arrangement that lifts the US debt ceiling by up to US $ 2.4trillion from the current US $ 14.3trillion.

    It is understood that the other part of the deal involves the US government deficit being cut by a similar amount through the next decade.

    Unless an agreement was reached by tonight the US could have defaulted on its debts – and that would have had horrendous consequences for not only the US but many other countries around the world.
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  • When is paying less actually paying more?

    Dream First Home

    The title may sound impossible, but as we often find, it can be all too true.

    When searching for a mortgage deal there are many variables to consider. During the course of what us brokers call ‘fact-finding’ we ask questions to narrow down the thousands of possibilities. The more information we gather, the more accurate the results and the more likely our customers are to be accepted first time with their chosen lender.

    To coin a phrase; it’s like painting pictures with words.
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