• 85% Loan-to-value, Buy-to-let is back!

    For anyone that has been involved in Buy-to-Let in the past or looking to get into it, this is big news.
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  • Good business


    This post may seem like a break from the ‘norm’, which is intentional, it’s good to remember that it’s real people behind our (and any other) business.

    Our business makes money by selling to consumers, as opposed to being a business that sells to other businesses (if you ever wondered what B2C or B2B means, now you know!) but that’s not to say we have nothing to offer other businesses.
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  • Loyalty can be an expensive habit

    If you only visit your own bank or building society when it comes to taking out a mortgage you`re only going to be offered the deals from just one bank or building society. You won`t be offered a range of deals from the thousands on the market.

    We can often be fiercely loyal individuals, take football teams for example, you wouldn`t change the team you support during the local derby just because the opposing side were odds-on favourite at the bookies.

    Even when it comes to our weekly shopping, we tend to stick to buying the same brands we`ve bought for years and those are often what we saw our parents buy before us. There`s a sense of trust and of safety about the brands we like to buy.
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