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This post may seem like a break from the ‘norm’, which is intentional, it’s good to remember that it’s real people behind our (and any other) business.

Our business makes money by selling to consumers, as opposed to being a business that sells to other businesses (if you ever wondered what B2C or B2B means, now you know!) but that’s not to say we have nothing to offer other businesses.

As a result of selling predominantly to consumers our publications and posts are targetted primarily towards that group of people and depending on when those people read them, determines whether they are wearing their consumer hat or work hat. Consequently those that read them at work may discard them more quickly than if they were to read them at home. There’s a lesson in there about timings when it comes to marketing, but that isn’t what I’m driving at. I want those wearing their work hats to see how our business can benefit their business which in turn benefits our business. Still with me?

Our mortgage tools that help people research the whole market at any time of day are extremely popular, as are our insurance quotation tools. No surprises there perhaps, after all, that’s what we do.

What you might not know however, is that these same tools can be integrated into your own site. Now if you’re wearing your work/business-owner hat hopefully you’ve realised how useful these tools could be to your visitors and customers.

You may be an accountant, letting agent, solicitor, etc. Your website visitors may be making an enquiry, doing some research or anything else that they decided to visit your website to do. But what you don’t know, is if that website visitor also needs a mortgage, or some insurance. If they do they’ll need it whether your website helps them to get it or not, so surely it’s better they get it from your site, right?

Absolutely! The benefits to you are at least three-fold;

  1. You keep your website visitor on your site for longer because you are more useful to them. Long enough perhaps for them to see that you also offer/sell xyz product/service.
  2. Your visitors are more likely to return if they have a similar need in the future.
  3. Your visitors will tell other people they know who are looking for a product/service they have previously seen on your site.

Our free option allows you to integrate our tools into your site whilst keeping your own branding intact. We’ll handle any enquiries generated leaving you to get on with what you do.

There’s also our incredibly good value £20-per-month offer that allows you to track the enquiries generated by our tools on your site and earn a referral fee.

Interested? Talk to me 0845 652 2580 or email

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