Email marketing: Receive to receive


One of many advantages email marketing has over other forms of advertising is that it is so insightful.

You can get accurate results on how many people your email marketing campaign has been delivered to, how many of them opened the email, how many clicked on a link in the email, and so on…

You can also find out how many people have unsubscribed from your mailing list, furthermore you can find out exactly who has chosen to unsubscribe. Why is this important?

Firstly it’s everyones right to choose who they would like to receive marketing emails from, in fact it’s their legal right to be able to remove themselves from a mailing list should they wish to do so.

Tell me something I don’t know, right? Ok, well in the previous blog post I wrote about how our business can help your business. I hope it gave you some ideas about how your business could perhaps help other businesses that might operate in a complimentary field and vice versa. That’s the point here, it should be reciprocal, giving to receive and all the other similar clichés that go with it.

I was therefore dismayed to find, that a couple of individuals who run their own businesses, whom I had met at a business networking event recently, had decided to unsubscribe from my mailing list. You might be thinking that’s fair enough, perhaps they have no interest in what your business does so what’s the point in them receiving your emails?, you could be right…

But that is my point exactly. They have no interest in my business in any sense. They don’t want to find out if I can be of assistance to them, to their business or to their customers. They obviously don’t want to even take the time to read another email from me or my business.

The irony is (and I would bet a large-sum-of-money on this) that they would very much like me to take an interest in their business and what it could do for me, for my business, for my customers…

How likely do you think I am to do so now?

Bizarrely, one of the ‘business people’ I am making reference to in this post runs a marketing and design business, the other a business coaching firm. I kid you not!

Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh on them? Perhaps they didn’t even realise that it was possible for people to find this information. For their own sakes I certainly hope that’s not the case! If so, well, consider this another free tip.

So in closing, to those of you that thought the title of this post was a typo, remember that nowadays, you don’t just have to give to receive, but receive to receive.

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